A career "magnetised" with unceasing creativity and interest.

The freedom with which she wandered through ideas and materials was always clearly opposing the known limits.

And inside that liberty that it's perceivable the care she devoted over the development of her work, as if the most important part of it was to discover the paths, the primordial sources of each gesture and thoughts, and not their finalities.

Lygia Pape had the gift of seeing where there was nothing, of transforming the seen in unseen, as quoted: "It is necessary to work on our look, there is learning". She also affirmed that: "To see something, it only needs to exist. Everything is there, ready to be revealed".

This way, we are delicately referred to other dimensions… situated inside ourselves.

Paula Pape
Rio de Janeiro, December 2006

Photos: Paula Pape and Projeto Lygia Pape archives.

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